Covid19 – Coronavirus – Inspection Procedures – as of 27th August, 2021

Phoenix Fire Protection is committed to the safety of not only its Staff but all our Clients and their Buildings. Our work is vital to ensure the life safety of all residents in our managed buildings. Therefore, all inspections will continue as normal with special measures in place to protect Staff and Clients as a whole.

Why are Fire Safety Inspections so important and mandatory?

To ensure

  • all residents, owners and occupiers are immediately alerted to a fire event
  • to ensure safe and effective evacuation of a property in such an event.
  • to check for any compromise to any fire systems that may assist in the spread of fire

Following the rules and guidelines as set out by the NSW Government announcement of August 23rd, Phoenix Fire will be implementing the following rules to all staff and service technicians.

Our Responsibilities

Office Environment

  • All Staff are to Check-in when entering the office building and Check-out when exiting the building on all occasions
  • All Visitors to the office building will be required to Check-in when entering the office building and Check-out when exiting the building on all occasions
  • All Staff and Visitors are required to wear Face Masks at all times when inside the office building (unless medically exempted)

Service Technicians and Contractors

  • All staff to always wear an approved PPE at all times when inside any property, including inside a unit or in the common property of a premises.


  • Face Mask (disposable)
  • Face Scheid (if required)
  • Gloves (disposable)
  • Hand Sanitizer


  • All Service Technicians/Contractors are to advise residents when accessing their sole occupancy unit or commercial premises for the purposes of undertaking their duties, to maintain a safe distance whilst they undertake their inspections.
  • All Staff and Contractors to sanitize prior to entering and upon exiting any Sole Occupancy Unit or Commercial premises
  • All Staff and Contractors are only to dispose of used PPE equipment at the Phoenix Fire office or their private residence.
  • If a Staff member or Contractor suspects a resident is ill in anyway, they are permitted to refuse access and make notes for a later inspection.
  • From August 28, All Staff are required to have Travel Work Permits to enter and leave all affect LGA’s as described by the NSW Government.
  • Staff are required to carry the permit with them at all times and present them to any local authority when requested to do so.
  • Staff are required to renew their work travel permits every 14 days until advised otherwise and forward a copy of the permit to management for record keeping.
  • Copies of permits may be requested by clients, however as the permit indicates personal information, such as home address, date of birth etc, certain information will be redacted prior to being sent.

Covid-19 Testing and Record Keeping

  • All Service technicians living in the Greater Sydney Region including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour are required to have a Covid-19 test every 7 days until further notice. Whilst not required under current restrictions to essential workers, Phoenix Fire will continue to meet the 7 day testing requirements.
  • All Service technicians and Contractors are required to forward a copy of the Covid-19 Test confirmation to the Officer in Charge immediately upon receipt.
  • All Service technicians and Contractors are required to forward a copy of the Covid-19 Test results to the Officer in Charge immediately upon receipt.
  • A register of all Service Technicians and Contractors testing dates and test results are to be maintained within a Covid-19 Testing Register and to be made available to any client upon request in writing giving 24 hours notice.
  • All work travel permits will be held on file as required,

Client / Tenant / Occupiers Responsibilities

  • Resident to always remain a safe distance from the service technician / contractors at all times
  • Resident to advise the technician of any suspected illness or overseas travel in the last 14 days prior to the inspection.
  • Residents has the right to refuse access to the premises and may request an later inspection date.

Next Review Date: 14th November, 2021.


Phoenix Fire Protection and Maintenance Pty Ltd.